Welcome to the Lexogrine HUD Manager User Guide. Here you will learn all about the tool: how LHM works, the functionalities and the correlation between them.

Installation & First use

Games configuration


Teams Tab

Players Tab

Matches Tab

Tournaments Tab

Live Tab

LHM Quick

CG Mode

Importing data from spreadsheets

New features in LHM 4.0

League of Legends Integration

Cloud Storage

Enterprise plans

Premium HUD for CS2 & CS:GO

Premium HUD for Dota 2

Premium HUD for Rocket League


Keybinds Editor

Stream Deck


Get5 Config Generator

LHM Veto

CS:GO features

CS:GO HUD keybinds

Auto Cinematic Observer + Scout AI

CS:GO Auto Replay Generator

Dota 2 Auto Replay Generator

Augmented Reality

HLAE & AFX auto-installation

Camera Mixer

Plan payment guide


Please keep in mind that this guide will be continuously developed and iterated upon - it is not the final version. If you have any comments, or if something is still not clear to you, please contact [email protected].